Our Story

Founded in 2018, PKART is a small studio team with Artists and Architects who like to encourage and inspires artistic growth  . We believe  that  in every moment the situations , events happening around us  inspire us , impact us  and teach us something .  We believe that these events , situations are nothing but outcome of people’s expressions .  We want to have a completely different look to these situations and find a artistic voice to it .

PANDA R2.jpg

Our Vision

We strive to instill creativity and innovation in our art to make it  fresh, Live ,  funny, relaxing, and a well rounded artistic experience .We are  dedicated to producing our own art  for the  community . We are also devoted to bring about a impact in the society from our thought provoking art works . We are offering a contract model for  individual , media houses , to produce theme based Art work in  response  on the events happening around .


Our Values

PKART was born out of a desire to bring out the  fun and learn thru the events and situations which we see around us in our day to day life . We are sure that this perspectives will make you laugh, cry , think, make you introspect and evolve you to become  a more sensitive human being .